FAQ Customer

What do I need to view the shows on the site?

To watch our shows, nothing easier: you only need an Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer...) with the "Flash" player instaled. You can download the last version of the Flash player here

What is a private session?

A private show: is just heaven!
You have chosen to be alone with one of our models. She'll do whatever you want... Not one or two things, but everything... If you need affection, you will get affection. If you want to see sucking, dildoing or even more kinky things, this you'll have it too... The private session is the core of what we can offer you...

What is a semi-private session?

A semi-private show: watch out your eyes!
We offer this possibility for special shows, whether with couples, porn stars, theme shows, etc. You get the advantages of a private show, but you are many more, it's the model who decides it. You're no longer alone, but the quality of the show will make you quickly forget it... ;-)

What are the offered coins?

You can give coins to some models if you want. The donation of coins is a gift that you give to the model, it doesn’t oblige the model to offer anything in return. It's a way to catch her attention and show her your appreciation.

Is it possible to receive a gift from a model?

Yes, it's possible! You just have to decide with the model the gift that would make you happy, and its price (at least 2,000 coins per gift), knowing that the object must fit into an A4 envelope. Then, once the coins given, send your details to customer service. Once the model sends us your gift, we will send it to you as soon as possible. Remember: the exchange of personal information is strictly prohibited, shipments must always go through our customer service.

Can I send a gift to a model?

Unfortunately, it's not possible. However, you can spoil a model by giving her coins in tips!

How does the cam-to-cam function?

If you have a webcam, you can have cam-to-cam sessions with the models. Make sure that you enable the Flash player on your webcam. This option is available for private and semi-private shows only.

The room crashes when I activate the cam-to-cam in private. What to do ?

This is a bug related to Flash Player. If you are unable to click on the button "close" of the popup to activate your webcam, repeatedly press the "tab" key. Once the "close" button circled in yellow, press the "enter" key. If you fear of being blocked while in private, you can activate your webcam from a public room. To do this, click with the right button of your mouse on the show in public, and then click on "settings". A Flash popup opens with the default "Privacy" tab and this message: "allow media.eurolive.com to access your camera and microphone". Click on "allow" and "save", then "close".

How does the sound function?

Some models have a mike. It is displayed as an icon. This means that you can hear the model. The models cannot hear you. This option is available for private and semi-private shows only.

How do the promo codes work?

Every promo code observes certain validity terms. To find out if your promo code is valid, you have to add it on the page where you purchase the pack before you validate your transaction. If your code is valid, the number of supplementary coins is specified.

How do I get notified when a model goes online?

To be notified when a model goes online, please add her to your favorites (on her profile page or room). Then you will be able to configure your alerts on this page and be notified in real time with the Notifier.

How many coins does a private session cost?

The rate of a private session is variable and is fixed by the model when the room is open. It depends on the type of show and varies between 8 and 16 coins per minute. To find out the rate of a room all you have to do is look at the number of coins specified in front of it. Every minute started is due.

What's the 'spy' mode?
How much it costs?

The spy mode enables you to "spy" on a private session... You can't chat or ask the model for something specific, you can only spy, but of course, you can see everything, and we mean everything... ;-) The "spy" mode has a rate fixed at 8 coins / min, no matter what show you spy on!

How can I add coins?

Nothing easier: to add coins to your account, go to this page by clicking here, and select the option that suits you best!

Which is the term of availability of these coins?

The coins that you credit to your account are available with no time limit.

Why have I been banned from a room?

The courtesy, the respect for the models, the good atmosphere among members are essential to maintain the quality that we wish for our video-conferences, but also to the enjoyment of visiting us in order to relax. Any violation of this behaviour rule may be sanctioned with the banishment from a room.

Can I have several accounts?

No, you must have a unique account per person.

Account and coins closure.

If you decide to close your account you can request a refund of your remaining coins to the support. The refund is limited to the remaining coins from the last purchased pack. Please see the General Terms of Use.

Are your payment systems secured?

Yes, we have chosen to entrust the management of bank transactions to known and recognized partners.
LiveDebit and Epoch guarantee you totally secure and anonymous payments.

I have a question that is not listed in the faq!

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at : support@eurolive.com .
We deal with your requests within maximum 48H (working days).

All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear on this website, in any visual portrayal of real or simulated pornographic conduct, were over 18 at the time the photos and videos were taken.